How vulnerable is your organization?

We are subject matter experts in identifying vulnerabilities in organizations' technology landscape. We can assess your information systems and organizational processes, identify vulnerabilities and help you mitigate them before the bad guys exploit them.

Have you assessed your web applications?

Are you identiyfing vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle?

Our Services

Security Assessments

We perform vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, web application assessments, phishing excercies and a variety of other vulnerability assessment services custom tailored to our clients' needs. We do what the hackers do, except we'll cost you a lot less.

Advirosry & Integrated Services

A security professional will become an extention of your team to address your pressing cybersecurity challenges. We help your team navigate the complex world of cybersecurity, risk and compliance. And if you have in-house development, no worries. We can help you inject security into your SDLC.


We develop and deliver security awareness and specialized trainings for your organization. Security awareness training can be coupled with phishing excercises to measure success and identifying weak points.

Security Assessments

Vulnerability Scanning

We can conduct scheduled or on-demand scanning of your IT infrastructure, analyze the results and report vulnerabilities that require your attention.

Application Assessment

We can assess web and mobile applications for common application vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10 and business logic flaws.

Penetration Testing

We can simulate the activities of an actual attacker to determine the actual extent of the vulnerabilities and the impact of a compromise.

Risk Assessment

We can conduct information security risk assessments of your services consistent with NIST Risk Assessment Methodology.

Advisory Services


We can help your team navigate the complex world of compliance including FISMA, FedRAMP, NIST SP 800-171 Compliance, HIPPA and PCI-DSS and provide you with a strategic plan as needed.  

Virtual CISO

vCISO is a cost-effective alternative
that will provide your organization with the necessary benefits of an in-house professional without long term commitment and on a limited budget.


We can evaluate and help you navigate compliance requirements for your organization, develop the necessary documentation such Systems Security Plans (SSPs), and put you on track to achieve compliance.

Secure SDLC

We can assist your team to build security into your software products from the ground up and avoid security mistakes that cost you much more to fix in the future.


Security Awareness

Are your staff aware of the risks of social engineering and phishing attacks? Do they know your security policy? We deliver awareness training custom tailored to your organization.

Developer Training

Are your developers trained to code securely? A large percentage of security vulnerabilities are a result of assumptions and mistakes developers make. We custom develop training tailored to your project and the programming languages used.

About Us

Cyber Castellum is a cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in the identification of security vulnerabilities in an organizations’ technology landscape. Cyber Castellum was founded to assist organizations identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that hackers exploit the most to compromise sensitive information and information systems. We then coordinate with our client (business owners/administrators/developers) to implement appropriate controls to reduce the risk.

We not only help you achieve compliance, but also make sure that security is implemented in the most effective way possible – your organization will be more secure – not just compliant.  We are an independent group of consultants and subject matter experts who are always by your side, whether you need to achieve compliance, or to know your cyber security posture and improve it.

Our consultants have security expertise in various aspects of security and have served clients in the U.S. Defense, Civil, and Private sectors both in U.S. and Internationally.


Our consultants have years of industry experience in security and IT


Our consultants hold recognized security certifications


We really love what we do and you will see the value in the quality of our work

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